Since the end of the war very few people have traveled to the Orc lands. Most of the relations with the Orc people happen on the mainlands, as a precaution. The Orcs are ruled by Grand tribe leader Granite Rockthrower(of the Rock Chucker clan). The Grand tribe leader is elected by the leaders of the 12 orc tribes upon his death. As far as anyone knows the Orcs have no magical abilities amongst them and have no magic sensitive citizens. What caused the Orcs to attack in the great war, is still unknown, and as such Orcs are not allowed to attain high ranking positions amongst the civilized races.


  1. Rock Chucker
  2. Sledge
  3. Sky Hawks
  4. Water Thrashers
  5. Cunning Fox
  6. Ground Runner
  7. Lions Pride
  8. Snarling Beasts
  9. Eagles Grasp
  10. Bears Paw
  11. Snakes Venom
  12. Field Runner

Capital City Reldon

This is the main city of the Orc and the only “real” city. It is a port city and pretty much the only safe place in the Orc lands for visitors. From this city is were the Grand Tribe Leader rules from. At any given time you can find 5-7 of the tribe leaders somewhere in the city. Once a month all the tribe leaders meet to present their suggestions and issues to the Grand tribe leader, there is usually much death around this time of the month. The tribe leaders always listen to the Grand Tribe Leader, however amonst the tribes themselves there is still many conflicts.


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