Humans had the greatest troubles during the war. Mavadre was found out to be the catalyst for the Orcs initial attack, and was also helping the Orcs. The reasons and motivation behind this are still a mystery to this day. The other 3 realms Estoria, Kural and Erenia, have formed the council of 3, with all three human Kings ruling together. The three realms have one Army made up of citizens of all 3 realms. With all 3 kings having equal power, some changes and decisions can take quite a while to achieve, as all 3 kings must agree and place their royal signet on each and every decree.


Is the central realm of the human lands. The habitants of this realm think themselves the most civilized people in all of Morash. This is the Richest realm as they have a large mountainous region, filled with gold and other precious stones and metals. This realm is in charge of the foot soldiers for the human armies, and has a large training facility in the valley between the mountains. This realm was left relatively untouched during the Great War which also contributed to their wealth. Slavery is also common practice in this realm, and is considered a status symbol for its inhabitants.

Capital City – Navrost

This city is high up in the mountains. The city is extremely defensible, designed for the human armies to fall back to and defend. It is reputed that the human armies could live within the city for 3 years, without ever needing to leave. Being a rich city, it is quite extravagant, and its citizens respects etiquette and decorum, above all else. There is a rather large area where the general population is quite poor, as they are all horded to this area, to keep the cities reputation.


This is the northernmost realm of the human lads as well as the poorest. Comprised primarily of fisherman and trades workers, this land has very few riches. They do however have the iron mines which allow them to make all the weapons for the human armies. The Naval fleet of the human armies is located in this realm. Kural was the hardest hit human land during the Great war, and some years after with Dwarven soldiers attacking to protect the construction of the wall.

Capital City – Tharar

This is a port city exactly as you would expect. The scent of fish permeates the air and in the lesser regions, so does the smell of urine. The buildings are quite modest and mostly run down. The majority of the crime within the human realms takes place in Tharar. A large battalion of the human armies is deployed here, to protect from the Dwarves, who havn’t caused any problems in over 100 years, and to protect the Naval port.


This is the southernmost realm. The majority of the land is desert. The people of this realm are primarily horse traders. They are responsible for the Cavalry of the human armies. The people of this realm, have the greatest contact with the Elven people. The people in this realm, are quite well off, and are larger than the humans of the other realms. Their skin is also much darker.

Capital City – Cairosta

This city is as clean as any city can be with streets made mostly of sand. The habitants are hagglers by trade, dealing in horses and slaves. They people of this city provide all the slaves to the Estoria realm. The city is surrounded by high walls, to protect from the constant sand storms that affect the area.


Before the great war this was considered the barbarous regions by all the other humans. They are known to be the driving force behind the Great War, and it is believed even had the control of dragons during the war. Why they started the war, or even how they convinced the Orcs to work with them, is unknown. Now, since the wall has been built, there is very little known about the realm. The guards from the other human realms that guard the Wall, have not even let pass a trader in over 20 years.


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