The Halfling people are a curious and adventurous race. Their lands and lifestyle is complete Anarchy. They are ruled by whoever is currently residing in the House of Kings, located in their capital. They are known worldwide for their excellent thieving abilities and funlike nature. The Halfling people do not have tribes as such, but are governed by thieves/assassins guilds. The “king” of the Halfling people can change 2-3 times per year, as the various guilds vie for power. Usually the current king is found dead and a new one in his place come morning, however on rare occasions, the current king simply “gives up” the throne. The one symbol of power is a well known scepter with an insignia on the sphere on top. The Scepter is made of a material that not even the dwarves have seen and as such cannot be reproduced. Halflings love to travel the world, as well as have visitors to their lands, however if you do visit, you will most likely not leave with anything you poses. The other races regard them as annoying and terrifying. During the war the Halflings pretty much just profited by the anarchy. The Halflings describe themselves as fun loving and free.

Capital City – Tarrin

This city is exactly what you would expect of a city built around warring assassins guilds. There are no guards or military, however, none of the other races would dream of attacking them, and basic crime is at a very low rate due to the guilds. The House of the kings on the outside appears to be the most well guarded mansion in all of Morash, however there are 100’s of secret passages and entrances. The only penalty for thievery in Tarrin is getting caught, this usually keeps visitors away.


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