Khelain Isles

The gnomes have no real government, they all work together for the betterment of science. They are known as great inventors and curious minds. They are not feared by any of the other races, however, the other races are weary of them, due to their track record of exploding experiments. 90% of the technology of the world was created by the gnomes. The gnomes are also credited with creating the system of money. During the war, the Siege weapons that the gnomes created, played a large part in pushing the Orcs back.

Capital City – Gearsport

This city is the largest city in the world of Morash, it covers the majority of the main Island. The whole city is like one giant machine, there are steam pipes and gears protruding from all over. All races are welcome to this great city, however the residents don’t pay much attention to travelers.


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