After the war the Elves believed that the magic that they were teaching the humans corrupted them, and was far too powerful for them. They destroyed all records of Magic, and took all their students with them back to Zarallion. Elves will leave their lands and intermingle with the other races, but are extremely reserved. All types of elves are inherently magical. Elves are the only species that are truly magic. There are 3 breeds of Elves in Morash, High elves, Wood elves and Dark elves. The dark elves are considered barbarians by elven standards. The elves are governed by a senate of 60 elves, 20 from each of the breeds of elves. The elven lands are broken into 2 provinces Zarallion and Raloria.


Is the home of the High elves. This province is bright and lush, it has the highest concentration of elves, and elven cities. It is also the magical center for the world of Morash. This province is also were the majority of the elven army is trained. To the far east of the Province is where the majority of the Dark elves reside.


Is the home of the wood elves. There are very few cities as the humans would call them, in this province. Most of the wood eleves, live in camps with their families. The greates Archers in the world of Morash come from Raloria province. They majority of this province is covered in dense forests. There are some Dark elves living to the far north east of the province.

Capital City – Mendoth

Even though there are 2 Elven provinces they both agree that Mendoth is their capital. It is a great city filled with tall limestone buildings and trees. The city has the only Magic library left in the world of Morash and even a Magic school. The senate sits 3 times a week to discuss the future of the elven people. There is no crime in the city of Mendoth and no one is allowed to carry any weapons within the city walls.


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