The dwarves were the fist people hit in the Great War. They suffered immense casualties and riches, as well as many cultural artifacts. The dwarven lands are extremely fortified. To protect themselves from being attacked again, they have erected 200 foot high walls that are 100 feet thick, across their borders, and have the best Naval defenses, surrounding their coasts at any possible landing points. The Gates on the walls have been opened, but Guarded for the last 200 years, and relations with the Dwarves are somewhat stable. The dwarves do not trust any of the other races, especially the Humans and Orcsm given their involvements. Beralholme is not only the Capital but the only way to enter their lands by sea.

The dwarves amongst themselves are at peace, and have very few conflicts. They are ruled by King Gullet Aledrinker. It is King Gullet that decided to open the gates allowing the other Races to enter their lands, in hopes to repair relations. The dwarves are known for their abilities to forge armor and weapons, as well as their jewelry. Dwarves are looked upon by the other races as Formidable and knowledgeable. They have no true magical abilities, however do have some that are magic sensitive.

Capital City – Beralholme

This city is actually an architectural marvel. The master craftsmanship of the dwarves is present in every inch of the city. As with any dwarven city there are more pubs and taverns than anything else in the city. In this city all other races are accepted, however some of the old hatreds and fears still exist. Once a year for the last 50 years, there has been a festival called the festival of forgiveness, to attempt to reunite the races. King Gullet Aledrinker, resides within this city, however, he is regarded as a dreamer and weak by the Dwaven people.


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